تكبير الصورة
In the context of the conference and banquet "From food in art to art of food", created in close connection with the EXPO 2015 and aimed to front the peculiarities of the eternal connection between the culinary and pictorial arts of Lombardy, there will take place the presentation of "New Moses" Project, an integral part of the already well known project "Amazonia 501". Born from a Paghera's idea and ongoing for a long period of time under the guidance of Father Gianni Mometti, the mission is aimed to the sustainability of food production in the Amazon: through special recovery  interventions, the degraded lands are in a fruitful process of conversion now to rice crops, ponds for fish farming and grazing areas. Their transformation in fertile and highly productive areas permits to rise up to an annual yield of 50 tons of food per hectare. Thanks to this system, at least 40,000 families can live today on  the results of their labor.

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