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Paghera & Paganini Project: 
A High Fashioned Architectural Housing Solution 

It is with great honor that Paghera announces a new partnership with the brand Giovanni Paganini for the development of new generation, high fashioned housing solutions, that are unique in the World. Manufactured in pure Italian style, the structures offer an unique Italian atmosphere in which the Mediterranean fresh and relaxing vibe stands out. 

Completely ready to be landed and installed in a few hours on your building site, the structures can be transported anywhere on the Planet. The values and performance of our structures are tested & designed to be (99.98 %) biological and non-toxic , the buildings are made from Guadua Hybrid bamboo, certificate CLP " Cross Laminated Panels ", an ideal costruction material giving its physical properties, versatility and structural capacity and it can be made to resistance: fires, earthquakes, tornados, hurricans. The Guadua Bamboo therefore has a huge advantage in terms of sustainability and compatibility, aceeding the know building science technologies of LEED Platinum Level and the EnergyStar rating. The Guadua is a variety of bamboo used in bio - architecture and sustainable and eco-friendly costructions for its many qualities: a very strong, robust and flexible material, which has a rapid growth and that doesn’t cause harmful emissions for both man and the Planet Earth, a natural and renewable material, for these many reasons also called the vegetable steel. The single CLP panel of built with the Guadua bamboo has an overall thickness of only 65 mm, including the cork internal & external layers of 21 mm, provides a resistance force a hundred times higher than the X - LAM pine! 

The structures have a total wall / roof thickness of between 127 mm and are made entirely in bamboo, cork, steel brackets , internal and external eco-friendly nanotechnology coatings in natural materials made with 100% non – toxic vegetable origins, which have unique characteristics: hydrophobic and water-repellent, the structures offer an advanced UV protection, self- regeneration and sismic protection, with materials that offer even shock protection. In addition, the structures benefit from (PCM )- Phase Change Materials that store latent heat that is subtracted from the surrounding environment when hot and released when the outside temperature drops, maintaining in this way a constant temperature on the inside, as well as the most advanced Aero-Gel layers, for extream heat and fire resistant. 

We also offer the choice of five totally unique interior designs, with decorations details in pure Italian style with a choice of five varieties of exotic wood for the interiors, perfectly matching the exterior "glossy white" luxurious coating, made with eco - friendly nanotechnology. 

To further enrich the structures’ interiors, our clients can benefit from a series of luxury up-grade products and services from Italian brands operating in Tuscany that produces from nearly 200 years handcrafted interior fabrics made from natural materials such as linen, hemp, wool and cotton, as well as Artisan leather craftsmen of Tuscany, producing hand tooled patterns or soft and clean stitched seams for exceptional ceiling and walls covering details, like an Italian Luxury Super-car. Our luxury windows feature (3)-layers of glass and can be up-graded to (4)-layers, as well our luxury based kitchens and bathrooms can be also up-graded to the most premium Italian brands as you wish. 

The gardens and green spaces enclosing the housing structures are exclusively created by Paghera Landscaping Architectural Services, Italian leaders of complex territorial transformations, landscape design and green design restoration with a 150 long tradition in landscape design and green architecture, adding value, style and atmosphere to the whole scene, embraced by nature. 

For more information or to request a quote on "Paghera & Paganini" Housing Solution, please contact us using the form below.

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