Thanks to the over time gained experience, Paghera has learned how to value the garden in its every single detail, bringing out colors and perfumes. Making the own creations magnificent as by daytime so by night, so creating a magical environment throughout the day, was a further challenge to overcome. 

In order to do it, we need a great knowledge of artificial lights, that once expertly positioned and tested, they can give great emotions and feelings, transforming the plants in changing light and dynamic sculptures, giving new perspectives and visions to your garden.
In addition to the artificial lighting, Paghera has developed different easy to apply and low maintenance materials and finishes, such as resin gravel paving, enriched by the presence of fluorescent stones.
This idea has been perfectly realized thanks to the collaboration with "Bright Materials", leading company in the photoluminescence sector.

Recently, on the occasion of the event dedicated to the debut of Ferrari 488GTB, Paghera has got the opportunity to take a test on this type of paving, directly at its headquarters in Lonato. 
The guests were amazed by the beauty and sophistication of this scenic effect, which made the atmosphere even more magical and exciting, giving them the impression of walking on a bed of stars.
These glassy stones blend in the gravel and charge using solar radiation. And when the sun goes down, they begin to give off for several hours their charge of enchanting light.
After this first experience, Paghera is concentrated now on the study and analysis of new applications of fluorescent materials, gradually offering to the customers new solutions and finishes, in order to make their garden worldwide unique.

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