The swimming pool for Villa Trianon


26 из 51
The monumental Villa Trianon was designed for Lucy and Georges de Montgomery, son of Earl of Pembroke and French diplomat, following the architectural principles that go back to the Italian Renaissance. The somptuous Villa Trainon was one of the favorite vacation locations of Princess Sissi, residence of Prince Danilo of Montenegro, and owned for several years by Princess Ouroussoff, wife of the Russian ambassador in Paris. Now the gorgeous villa is the property of a golden couple of the jet set and international entrepreneurship. 

The main façade is characterized by a curved volume that has in its front two giant red marble columns; the semi-circular terrace accompanies the architecture of the villa to the Italian style park, through a scenic, double staircase that brings to mind the Palladian Venetian villas. Important is also the facade lighting , accomplished with lighting fixtures that project an oblique light, from the bottom upwards. The park below the villa is created by regular geometries in white granite that surround the green grass areas, surrounded by regular white gravel pathways. The sculpture representing a female at the center of the road is also in white marblea and the place chosen for it is a central position at the prospect of the villa. Beautiful harmonious geometries of the Italian style garden and the choice of colors, only white for the added items and green of the grass and the two holy oak trees. 

The park is located on the terrace overloking the Mediterranean sea and it’s enclosed by a balustrade of turned columns descending to the large body of water of the second terrace with a double staircase linear , supported by pillars and neoclassical columns that are forming a kind of nymph with exedra. The beautiful staircase is enveloped by green vines that minimize the impact of the built environment and seem to dive into the big tub that anticipates the sea. The focusing element is now the infinity edge pool, with LED lighting both internal and external that gives the pool a spectacular effect at night. A central exedra, which incorporates the nymp on the opposite side is home to fountains and lighting effects and interrupts the regularity of the design. All around stone slabs cut to size, create the perimeter walkway. While the park in front of the villa is buildt in typical neoclassical style, a different setting is used for the pathways sloping down to the sea. Here the look is more natural and picturesque with a more mediterranean feel, was left almost spontaneous, with bright colors and floral essences in uneven stone paths. 

The common thread that inspired the entire restoration project aligns perfectly with the style of the owner, which can be desribed with her statement: "To me, beauty is a creed and art a way of life." The interior of the villa, in neoclassical style, highlight this imprinting and retain the original taste enriched by precious antique pieces from the family collection.

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