Abitare In, La Maggiolina


8 من 81 الحدائق
The project "Abitare In, La Maggiolina" is born in collaboration with "Dontstop Architecture", and aims to revitalize the former industrial zone of Maggiolina in Milan.
The distinctive features of this project, compared to any other construction in Milan, are the versatility and the centrality of greenery.
In fact, each dwelling can be purchased per square meter, modularly, giving the buyer maximum freedom to choose the structure of his home. The interior will also be highly customizable, with the possibility, for example, of create their own vegetable garden on a wall.
Each balcony will be designed directly by Paghera, with selected plants following the owner's tastes and environmental requirements regarding the location of the apartment and the climate of Milan.
The buildings will appear as a real city forest, a very natural result, not artificial, as if nature had perched on the buildings.

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