Elements – Yalikavak Bodrum


18 من 81 الحدائق
Bodrum, the most popular tourist destination in Turkey, is famous for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, wild and overbearing nature. The Varyap company, leader in residential and touristic sectors, has bought a very large area, completely overlooking the sea and surrounded by the most lush native greenery and located in the prestigious area of Yalikavak.The design of twenty-four exclusive villas has been entrusted to the Emre Arolat Architect office, the most important in Turkey and with whom Paghera has a long-time cooperation. From the very beginning, the project's key point was the respect for the environment.  All the native plants have been maintained. The villas have sprung up around them. Volumes and forms of the greenery have been declined in a rare and never predictable harmony that points the ancient charm and beauty of the place. The perimeter walls and roofs will be completely covered with natural native species, minimizing the environmental impact. All outdoor private and public areas have been designed as a single park, where the shrub species, the seasonal flowerings and the retrieved during the excavations rocks, give the effect of a natural park, not altered by human intervention, where the water consumption and maintenance are minimized.The study of private swimming pools and the lake in the common area, reflect the same design philosophy, using the natural level differences of the ground without changing the existing environment.

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