PAGHERA AMBIENTE is a leader in the water treatment industry; born in the Seventies, now more than ever it is the drive that makes us increasingly improve our water treatment production centre with our research and development unit.

The last thirty years have given rise to one of the greatest producers of bio-purification plants, using bio-disks specifically designed and developed to be cost effective.

Able to work in all of the industry’s production areas.

Tradition and experience, driven by state-of-the-art technological evolution, enable the company to work all over the world in any size or type of job: from the design to the development of a water treatment plant:

From complex and far-ranging environmental reclamation and redevelopment projects, such as integrated water treatment cycles. 

PAGHERA AMBIENTE’s strengths are its cutting-edge production systems, a careful, skilful understanding of the customer’s requirements and of the use of the product in the treatment cycles.

With its perfectly efficient plants, an unlimited production range based on the availability of a huge amount of the most diverse treatments, nowadays PAGHERA plays a key role in development required to face the challenges of water treatment in a global era.

At the company’s historical premises, PAGHERA AMBIENTE brings together all its operations, from design to production, to research and development, for both private and public projects, including large-scale ones.

With 80,000 customers in Italy and in the rest of the world (France, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Malta, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Cuba and Latin America)

In addition, PAGHERA Group has a number of subsidiaries specialising in public projects, using proprietary patents, methods and expertise in the area of water treatment for large-scale local and urban projects.

The plant has a potential of 50,000 inhabitants. The processing cycle: Fine screening Heaping and balancing Oxidation, nitrification with 15 bio-disks, 3600 in diameter Bio-disk-based ..
A compact 500-inhabitant plant

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