This is the first tangible step toward the realization of the dream. 
From the careful case history of the data, collected during the inspection phase, the design being created takes shape, according to its complexity and extent, of virtual perspective simulation, general layout drawings, 3D CAD, 3D animation.
Perspective simulation of the most important points of the area, it shows the "before" and the "after" scenes, completed with an equal amount of night views, so that the effects and scenic choices, style, volumes, shapes and chromatisms that are narrated by the pictures translate exactly the final result.
General layout drawings determine lines, perspectives and focal points of the drawing that mark out the whole area. 
They indicate the environment of the premises and define the use of exterior and interior spaces in relation to daily dynamics and to the ancient geomantic Taoist Chinese art of Feng Shui. 
A philosophy that wisely shows how to enjoy light and sun all day long.
3D perspectives and 3D animation constitute the completion of the technical-design part of small, medium and large urban interventions, as well as being the essential instrument for purchasers in order to convey the design from the point of view of marketing and communication. 
The bill of quantity and budget completes and concludes the design presentation giving a first evaluation of costs with different options in order to "build" together with the customer the ideal budget to be assigned to the intervention.

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