Paghera's Italian gardens: botanic knowledge, reason and sensibility

Botanic knowledge, reason and most importantly, our sensibility in garden and landscape design are  the qualities that drive us to design and build the finest gardens in the world, from the smallest and most intimate green space to the biggest and most complex landscape projects worldwide.

The botanic knowledge, a quality that cannot be improvised and that for Paghera means forty years of experience in landscaping and garden design, is the guarantee that inssures the preservation of an everlasting spectacular result, the dream garden ispired by Nature and Mediterranean style.

The reason in landscape design allows us to elaborate ideas, to organize garden and terrace spaces to perfectly fit every detail requested by our clients and fulfiil every desire, to rationalize design steps and plan the intervention in Italy and worldwide, at any latitude.

But sensibility is the quality that triggers imagination in landscape and garden design, the one element that makes Paghera's gardens different from others, the quality that drives towards dreaming and imagining the final result: the final dream garden, imagined by us even before starting to think and design its various elements. It's the emotion and passion for our work and for each and every project that brings us towards a mental vision of the three-dimensional area, that permits to immediately visualize the axis and the perspectives to be emphasized, the most interesting glimpses on which to base the design of focal points and backdrops.

This is the emotional incentive without which we couldn't think to every single garden design project as unique, as "ours" with a distinctive signature, before belonging to our clients. Its from our limitless passion that small and big paradises come to life, sceneries that, before fulfilling the dreams of our clients, both common and famous people, including kings, princes and emirs, had certainly moved us deeply.

Paghera's Gardens are simply the loveliest gardens in the world!

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