A modern house dressed with green and light blue


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Paghera gives soft and elegant lines to the garden of a modern villa, a true work of art that gives energy and repairs from heat in the summertime, thanks to the refreshing and sinuous pool.

The garden's makover includes not only the use of tall green plants to give privacy and intimacy to the garden, and isolate it from curious looks but flowering plants were used to enrich the entire scene. Thanks to the wise use of different plants, whose flowering alternates in the warmer months, you can enjoy these white blooms that last all throughout the summer.
The pool is the main character of the scene; its sinuous lines carved in the perfectly mawed green lawn give a sense of peace, silence and tranquility. Perfect for adults and children, the swimming pool designed here by Paghera becomes the ideal space for fun on hot summer days as well as for elegant dinners and poolside aperitifs on hot nights or to cheer up the chilly days of winter's serenity, a true private paradise signed Paghera.

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