A villa resting among a thousand blooms


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In the full Paghera style, this modern villa in Lugano enjoys a unique flower garden, kaleidoscope of colors for most of the year and a real dive into the lush greenery of Switzerland. The main feature of garden design is the realization of a colorful scarpment, an explosion of blooms that seem apparently spontaneous.

The green plant recipe used for the garden, designed to soften the decisive lines of the villa with a contemporary and austere look, is of Mediterranean inspiration: roses in different colors, aromatic plants such as rosemary and laurel, violet, camellia and dahlias, hibiscus and osmanthus. The green lawn, perfectly groomed, embraces the entire hill on which the villa rests and gives a sense of peace and serenity. The scenery is spectacular, even if completely natural.

The secret to garden design is this one, shaping nature to fit our liking by avoiding artificiality and overdoing it. Finally, what is surprising in this Paghera garden is the horizontality of the scene that offers a great view of the surrounding landscape, without precluding the details, other nearby houses and the wonderful nature in this area.

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