A small garden with vibrant colors


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Paghera designs a small but lovely vibrant colors garden, a true oasis of wellness able to give energy to both body and mind. The residence and the garden that surrounds it enjoy an exceptional setting: thy’re overlooking a beautiful mountain scenery, on the shore of a lake. The fresh air, the lush vegetation of the garden and beyond its borders, the bright colors of the blooms, the absolute silence; everything invites to relaxation and carefree.

The green and flowering plants used for garden design give the scene cheerfulness and naturalness, its style reminds the English cottage garden thanks to the abundance of plants and flowers, the colors that combine wonderfully, the relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Climbing roses, colorful lilies, delicate and white hellebore plants, daisies and echinacea which, with their abundant and colorful blooms, embellish in a very unique way the garden, azaleas, hibiscus and fuchsias that give the scene color and vibrancy.

In addition to its welcoming character and the abbundance of different blooms, the small garden is also practical and doesn’t need special care; thanks to the intelligent use of low-maintenance flowering and green plants as well as low-stem ones, the garden remains tidy for a long time, the ideal green garden even for those who don’t always find the time to handle it.

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