An enchanting scenery created out of nothing


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An enchanting scenery created out of nothing

Created in a context or rare elegance and refinement, a big green garden, with a unique festive spirit yet tidy, breaths the fresh air of Garda Lake, that can be observed from the residence thanks to the ample perspectives. The ample entrance drive, a unique signature of the villa is chanted by olive trees, spontaneous in this landscape, that see to the residence along with luxurious plantations of narcisus, hemerocallis e iris.

The landscape design reflects the style of the residence, classic and linear, style that is mirrored in the backgroung of the villa, big flowerbeds and perennial plants. In the rear, a big terrace of green lawn beyond which the Garda Lake stand out; the green surroundings and enriched by antique benches in iron make evn more romantical by the splendid mulberry.

Proceding, the natural swimming pool characterized by irregular shapes created in the same pavement of the architectonic structure, has a original cascade effect in the lower side and the pounding of the water, together with the magic of the entire word, offers moments of of peace and serenity.

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