A beautiful garden in Sardinia


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Sardinia, land of priceless beauty where the green, the sea and sky come together wonderfully. The beautiful villa and garden designed by Paghera that embraces the structure, have both a breathtaking view: large streches of green, centuries-old olive trees, colors and blooms, aromatic and succulent plants, a grassy meadow beyond which shines Sardinias’s seaside, Paghera’s landscape design is really a daydream.

The elements of the garden of this small but delightful villa draw visual connections between the rustic structure and the surrounding environment, each design element of the garden was chosen to create continuity and harmony with nature beyond the garden’s borders. The stone staircase created with local materials only leads to the relax area, perfect for enjoying the company of family and friends of Sardinia’s hot summers: the green pergola provides shade from the heat and the large stone table is ready to accommodate guests for lunches, dinners and appetizers.

The small but functional swimming pool enjoys a stunning view of both the crystal sea and the surrounding nature. The design of the garden and swimming pool enhances the beauty of the villa and gives vitality and energy to the eye, embracing the visitor in the unique scent of the beautiful Sardinia’s nature.

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