Exclusive villa in Baku


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Paghera designs the garden of a magnificent villa that stands proudly in the heart of Baku, Azerbaijan. The residential structure is imposing as it is the garden park that surrounds it. The classic and elegant style of the villa also imposes the style of the garden, characterized by timeless elegance: the green vegetation gently embraces the residential structure and the internal paths, fountains and water games creating a dynamic and fresh environment while the marble statues give a classic touch but at the same time original to the scene. A similar architectural structure needs privacy and intimacy from the looks, an aspect not only important but essential to life in a big city like Baku. The building and the large garden have been privatized with the use of tall plants, selected based on development and resistance to drought and cold, that perfectly integrate all the other ingredients of Paghera's green recipe.

High-pitched plants have also been used to create extremely natural plant-like walls, giving the idea of spontaneity and delivering strong, never-bred and desirable feelings. The flowering plants draw flower corners and welcome the present, a true romantic paradise of Italian and Mediterranean inspiration. The perfectly groomed lawn is the base for a beautiful garden and gives the feeling of continuity, creating an indestructible bond between the garden and the villa.

Another interesting detail is the square at the entrance, which resembles the lines of the rosette designed by Michelangelo, a touch of style and Italian in the design of an imposing garden, succeeded to Paghera's perfection.

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