Architectural concept


Besides being our main teacher and inexhaustible source of scientific breakthrough, nature is a unique model of sustainability, where nothing is useless and everything is perfectly optimized. 

The perfect inspiration for the architecture of the future, that shall face three major challenges:
  • minimize the environmental impact of the buildings and of people living inside
  • minimize the aesthetic impact, protecting the landscape values of the area in which it is placed
  • decrease the hedonic deprivation state caused in man, also and especially, by the deprivation of straightforward contact with nature.
Following this logic we inspired the design of a future that is already present, both in the technique of camouflage, used in nature by many species, and in the design inspired to seeds and shells. 

This way, we create buildings with enchanting shapes, hidden by green and floral curtains, which spring up and flourish directly inside the architectural and building elements. 

So, no more skyscrapers, but vertical gardens, whose completely green surface enhances the quality of the air and reduces the high external temperatures during summer. 

Single residences or urbanization zones that become invisible at first sight: we first have an overall view of a splendid garden or a wonderful beach with big rocks molded and smoothed by the sea. 

Residential facilities incorporated and camouflaged in the scene, studied to minimize the environmental impact and to give residents their privacy, safety and the comfort of the most advanced and modern technology.

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