The environmental safeguard is the inspiring principle of Paghera Green Philosophy’s business since its origin, even before the ecologic emergency became a topical subject. An undertaking that for us comes true in a careful operative way through methods of planning and realization that look farway and are not restricted  just to solve aesthetically a green area, both public and private, but also insert it in a wider contest and consider its impact in the ecosystem. It further involves sustaining specific projects, promoting international initiatives of sensitization, to offer real solutions to the Kyoto Protocol, to face futurist and visionary projects like Green Imprinting. We believe it is  a moral obligation to work hard today in order to leave our sons a greener world.

A natural process that modern technology can expedite and finalize in 3 steps.

  • Remote survey
  • Land studies
  • Environmental recovery 
    and restoration projects
  • Reforestation of
    burnt and ravaged areas
  • Environmental recovery and
    restoration works in quarries
    and dumps in marginal
    and degraded areas
A thorough examination of the area, by means of a chemical analysis of the composition of the soil and water, together with a study of autochthonous vegetation and an analysis of the distinctive weather ..
A Seed Bank, usually arranged on site, supports the research laboratory, which is specialized in the examination and propagation of plant species and in the study of germination times.  Indeed, ..
This is the operational phase.  It starts with the preparation of the compounds: a sort of plant "jam", composed of autochthonous seeds, pioneer specimens, water and natural additives, which provide ..

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