PAGHERA ENVIRONMENT is a leading company in the sewage sector. Was founded in the 70's and, today more than ever, is the driving force that leads us to always improve the production center for water's treatment, with research and development.

Eco Biotech is specialized in preventive and conservation works, to ensure a future for our planet, keeping the quality and the style of our lives, for us and for the next generations.

Oxygen Ozone Technology reproduces and applies in various fields the powerful antibacterial and antiviral effect of the ozone. An ancestral molecule, vitally important for environment and mankind.

  • Excellence
  • Strategic platform for environmental preservation and development, both landscape and urban.
  • Ecosustainability
  • Evaluation of environmental impact
  • rimary urbanization works
  • Oxygen Ozone Technology

>> Amazzonia 501

>> Depuration

>> Eco Biotech

>> Oxygen Ozone Technology

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