Paghera terraces, real green mid-air rooms

Terraces, as balconies, are the spaces into a home that generally don’t offer artistic and creative opportunities but they do offer the chance to benefit from moments of complete relaxation in the most intimate environment, your home. Terrace design is profoundly related to garden design, but some important aspects are to consider when designing a green terrace in order to achieve both functional and beautiful spaces.

Terraces are usually small spaces that, if designed following the guidelines of harmony and aesthetics, using plants and essences whose growth won't alter the project’s lines in time, adopting a smart use of materials and techniques, could be transformed in real mid-air gardens. Little natural spaces, the terraces, filled with luxurious greenery and vibrant flowers, can offer indoors romantic atmospheres and relaxing moments.

Paghera is able to transform and maintain in the best possible way a green terrace, thanks to the newest and most innovative waterproofing technologies and the use of quality materials. Small and big terraces and balconies are transformed like never before by Paghera, intelligently using different elements as grass, small flowering bushes and everlasting greennery, Mediterranean aromatic plants and flowering plants, fountains or even small pools, exterior decorations and well-thought furniture. Terraces can now become your own private green space, urban oasis where to escape the hectic city lifestyle, green rooms meant for downtime and conversation, family and friends, in the most intimate surroundings: your home.

But today your terrace can also become a sensorial project, a small garden of senses where aromatic plants are used like rosemary and sage, mint and basil, thyme and marjoram, oregano, all plants that have a large use in the Mediterranean kitchen and fill up the air with enchanting perfumes. Small fruit plans like lemon, tangerine or caper bush plants are also suitable for being used in the terrace design allowing it to become a miniature garden with a view, a spot that creates an ever changeable green environment, where it seemed the most unlikely to be found.

An intriguing little places rich of charm and surprises, magic and scents, in terrace design projects, space size is not the main detail that counts, its the ideas for using every angle in the best way possible, the landscaper’s capacities to put the ideas in practice and a fundamental equation: maximize the scenographic effects with the minimal need for maintenance. 

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