Method of Work

This is fundamental to guide the creative, technical and design journey.  It is necessary to photograph the "before" scene in order to evaluate the actual situation.  It always includes a detailed ..
This is the first tangible step toward the realization of the dream.  From the careful case history of the data, collected during the inspection phase, the design being created takes shape, according ..
When the Preliminary Design is approved, this is the next step that goes into more in depth detail for the design choices already presented. Like a zoom it goes into the definition of the architectural ..
The zoom goes increasingly into the definition of the detail by means of tender drawings that are the guide and the guarantee for the final result.  Each construction detail, relating to plan design ..
We work directly throughout the entire world, subdividing the interventions in a flexible way, depending on the requirements of the purchasers, playing the role of: Consultant - supporting the Purchasers ..
The HOUSE OF THE FUTURE will be increasingly characterized by TECHNOLOGY COMPONENT and will look carefully at the DESIGN . The considerable increase in the demand for technological equipment designed ..
Garden ligtinh plays a fundamental role in the success of a landscape design project, a detail that assumes an emotional, aesthetic and scenic function, especcially when the sun goes down. In fact, artificial ..
The history of our company has had its roots in "green" for more than five generations. The contact with nature has made us perceptive and sensitive towards everything to do with the environment in which ..

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