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Botanic knowledge, reason and sensibility

In the collective imagination, what the word garden brings to mind is an idyllic scenario, rustically fascinating in which tidy, well-trimmed bushes come together with the brightly-colored flowers and plants, perfectly blended with one another.

Landscape design is a complex and extraordinary process in which the landscaper has to take into account the five senses and not only the visual and olfactory ones, he has to be able to look, understand and talk to the green plants and to the nature in all its splendor. At any temperature and at any latitude, from the most hostile environment to the hottest deserts, the aim of our landscaping projects is to give life to a green garden where it seems unlikely to happened, using our ever-lasting passion, always remembering past experiences, revoking Paghera landscape design extensive tradition and using our oldest knowledge.

Paghera's work method is based on carefully studied steps that give to the creative, technological and design process freedom, inspiration and professionalism that have always described our work and every single one of them have critical importance in the landscape design process. The nature has its secrets carefully guarded and it's the landscaper's role to unveil them, to catch their meanings and to develop green oases, obtaining the unobtainable, giving life to unique scenarios in which colors and scents give incredible sensations, that only Nature can give. 

The botanic knowledge, the reason and the sensibility are the qualities that drive us to design gardens and to build living scenarios, from the smallest and simplest green spaces to the biggest and most complex private gardens.  The botanic knowledge, a quality that cannot be improvised in landscape design and that for Paghera means forty years of extensive experience, is the guarantee that ensures the preservation of an everlasting green scenario.

The reason allows us to elaborate ideas, to organize spaces, to rationalize every design step and plan the intervention in Italy and worldwide, at any latitude and in almost any weather related circumstances. But sensibility is the one that triggers imagination, it's the element that guides us to dreaming and imagining the final result even before starting to conceive and design. 

The sensibility is the one that guides us towards a mental vision of the three-dimensional area, that allows us to immediately visualize the axis and the perspectives to be emphasized, the most interesting glimpses on which to base the design of focal points and background. This is the emotional incentive without which we couldn't conceive every single project as it would be unique, amazingly captivating, "ours" in the first place even before belonging to the client. 

From all this emotions, small and big, private paradises come to life. Scenarios that, before they fulfill a client's dream, from common people to the most famous - kings, princes and emirs, would have certainly moved us deeply.

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