White geometries


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The garden, located in the Province of Brescia, draws a bright green link between the manor house and the pool area dependence. It globally shows more theme rooms, from the primary residential entrance area - a great scenographic impact with an English natural look - to the green area by the side of the house, where a graceful orangery enhanced itself thanks to the projection over the soft white blooming garden.
Crossing the huge arcade, created from the portion underlying to a private street, we get in an ecstatic drawn garden, embraced by tall vegetal walls, a geometrical stairway and Italian drawings. The large indoor pool enjoys this special view with his windows joyfully looking out to the greenery. 
The verticality of the construction happily find expression in the white decorated vegetal walls tracing the architectural lines of the house. Over them en exuberant strategic planting emphasizes the residence's intimacy among the near properties

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