Little Mediterranean gem


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The lavish colors and fragrances of the rich blossoms spread out to the view in the paradisiacal scenery of this Mediterranean inspired garden, in truly a relaxing, fresh and romantic gem designed by Paghera. The structure is characterized by light amnd pleasant colors; the use of light-colored stone manages to give a natural style to the whole landscape, a style that combines country-like and modern features that is very pleasing to the sight.

The swimming pool is the main character of the landscape and offers a unique perspective, in Paghera's style: it blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape and makes the garden of this villa a place dedicated to fun, sunbathing and relaxation of both children and adults. The nighttime lighting of the garden also makes it possible to take advantage of the whole area at sunset, making the garden a perfect set for dinners to share with family and friends.

The plants chosen for garden design are the utmost expression of the Mediterranean garden: aromatic plants such as rosemary, thyme and sage, many colorful blooms as hydrangeas, allium and roses make the garden an Eden where the exultation of beautiful invites to relaxation and contemplation and, at the same time, it gives energy and vitality, regenerates the spirit and the soul.

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