Twin villas


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Shanghai, like all of China, is constantly expanding. New streets, new shops, new companies and new homes.These two twin villas are part of a new and luxurious residential cen-ter, which provides for the construction of exclusive residences. Paghera has designed the many small gardens that characterize the villas. The central garden is in common and starts from the small square between the two houses, where beautiful ilex crenata and a square fountain have been placed. From here a waterway leads us to the gazebo, on the opposite side of the garden, where residents can cook at the barbecue and host friends for an open-air drink.
Each villa will also have a small and more private corner, framed by a grid covered with creepers that surrounds and hides the inner courtyard. In the middle, a mirror with a perspective design reflects two different statues: one villa will have a classical statue, the other a modern sculpture; this is to follow the taste of the owners.On the back there is the same grid with creepers, but there is not a simple mirror, but a mirror fountain. It is a truly unique aquatic element that allows us to decorate and refresh the environment, moving away the perceived horizon and enlarging the narrower spaces.

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