Classical magnificence overlooking the lake


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Classical magnificence overlooking the lake

 A romantic view of Lake Iseo, an imposing and elegant villa, a classical style structure with sinuous details, yet linear: signing the delicious green recipe, Paghera, that is always a guarantee. Thanks to the exuberance of abundant perimetral blooms and the playful alternation of evergreens and flowering plants, the landscape design has embellished here a stately and refined, minimizing the classical austerity and neat lines with the spontaneity of multicolored spots and rustic essences.

The floors, made of local stone and river pebble, run all around the villa, accompanied by vivid blooms of daisies, roses, daylilies, spirea and hydrangea, who donate their graceful tones to the delicate two-tone building. The lush shields protect the intimacy of the spaces in front of the villa that correspond to the street way and the sides, delimiting the neighboring properties and enhancing scenic views of the lake.

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