The wide open spaces of the Italian countryside


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The countryside garden sorrounding the ancient farmhouse is redesigned by Paghera, a project in which is is the nature to dictate laws and rules. The Italian countryside is already fascinating in itself: harmonious open spaces, lush and spontaneous green at every step, hills unfolding in distance, cheerful blooms and Mediterranean scents and perfumes. Near the center of the project - the antique farmhouse - were chosen low height plants that create and delimit the different areas of the garden, colorful roses and hydrangeas, olive trees, climbing ivy and rosemary that perfumes the air intensely.

Paghera chooses then for this project to build a frame that could convey a sense of calm and well-being as well as naturalness from the centre of the project, streching on and beyond the garden's edge, always more spontaneous and seemingly casual, in perfect harmony with nature beyond the boundaries of the property. It is this detail that creates continuity between the garden and the open space sorrounding it, an enormous display of lush green.     

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