Swimming Pools


Paghera's swimming pools, your own private piece of Eden 

Surprizing effects, olfactory sensations and visual delight, respecting and interpretating the landscaping and architectonic concepts within the existing landscape and context, our client’s lifestyle and desires: these are the elements that drive our creative process in designing and building our most lovely swimming pools, decorative ponds and whirlpool baths.

Landscape design is born at the same time as architectural planning and design of indoors and outdoors together, often times including swimming pool design and exterior whirlpools, often focal points of the project, built to fulfill our client’s imagination and requirements. Moreover, other than a space for fun and relaxation, the private pool increases the economic value of a property, making it more appealing and more ought after.

Outdoor pools call to mind relaxing summer days, garden barbeques in your own garden, parties and cockatils with frends, the perfect outdoor space that compliments the architectural structure, giving that plus to it that only a pool can do. There are some elements to keep in mind while projecting and designing a private outdoor pool, for small and big gardens, a pool that can become both functional and beautiful, the favorite place of children and adults. 

We in Paghera design our outdoor pools keeping in mind that water is an alive element that contains energy and has own memory. In order to maintain its essence, water has to be oxygenated through movement, as in nature. Water oxygenation, smart use local quality materials and, last but not least, our neverending passion for the fullfiment of every demand and desire of our clients, are our daily source of inspiration.
Why do we use, whenever possible, local materials? Paghera's gardens are build respection nature and the environment, and the use of local materials allows us to create a natural continuity between the existing landscape and the garden, including an outside pool.

Often the jewel of the property, the outdoor pool is a modern oasis of freshness surrounded by green luxurious vegetation, allowing perfect moments of relaxation in an intimate environment. The soft lines, water effects and green plants are the distinctive notes of the typical refinement and elegance of Paghera’s swimming pool design, always created with an personal touch, unique in their own style. 

Overlooking the sea side, with a spectacular view over a lake or the backyard pool you've always dreamed of, carved into rocks or inside a household, Paghera’s swimming pools are real spots of Paradise with a Mediterranea touch and feel, able to guarantee delight and relax in the privacy of your own home.

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