The blue of the water merges with the horizon


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This landscape design project signed Paghera includes not only the creation of an incredible infinity pool and the remake of the garden surrounding the villa, but it is the complete transformation of the green space surrounding the villa, from the corridor that leads the visitor to the inhabited structure up to the planning of the playground area, the white marble fountains and the swimming pool, the garden and the relaxation area, a complete project Paghera's unmistakable style.

For the design of the elegant infinity swimming pool and the splendid garden that includes it, both aimed at enhancing the beauty of a sumptuous villa on Lake Garda, only took Paghera six months: the creation of a dreamy landscape design project. For the infinity pool it was chosen a classic and elegant design: the custom-made pool integratex perfectly into the garden space and emphasizes the continuity between the blue water in the pool and the sky, creating a space where the protagonists there are two: the pool itself and the surreal view of Lake Garda, an unforgettable view.

Built with natural and carefully selected materials such as Botticino marble and other natural stones, the infinity pool is embraced by lush Mediterranean vegetation. Paghera carefully chooses the plants so as to allow the clients to enjoy their white blooms throughout the summer: fragrant osmanthus that, with its shiny leaves and its tiny white flowers, gives elegance and style, tall palms that naturally give the pool area the privacy it needs, aromatic Mediterranean plants as rosemary and sage, romantic bush roses that flower throughout the summer, carefully mawed lawn to enhance the continuity between the elements.

In its own most unique style, Paghera designs here a corner of Paradise full with green and flowering plants, palm trees, beautiful marble fountains, a work that represents an earthly eden for our clients to enjoy all year long.

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