A pool facing a florid garden


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Great elegance and a striking originality for the project signed by Paghera for the indoor pool of a villa characterized by clean lines and refinement. The interior space that embraces the pool becomes a real spa for personal use, a place dedicated to total relaxation in harmony with nature. Thanks to the lighting chosen especially for this project, the structure and its garden overflowing with vegetation, have a quite unique charm at sunset: the tall palms intelligently frame the house, candid shrubs of roses give delicacy and class, fir trees, marigolds and jasmine, all shines with soft lights and discreet.

The interior pool design, the central element of the interior design follows the style of the clean and refined outdoor space. The plants used in the green garden outsite mingle with those drawn on the walls of the indoor pool, elegantly decorated in trompe l'oeil, design that’s making the interior space more spacious while the painted vegetation merges with the real one outside. The whole scene has a wondreful effect, the creative process of design led to the scenic end result, an original and refined work singed Paghera.

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