A dip in the blue


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The pool is, together with the garden that embraces it, the central element of the design of this villa and many times the preferred of the whole family during summer months. Paghera chooses for this pool project, elegant colorful blooms and vertical green, that together create an intimate space sheltered from the looks, comfortable seats that offer shade, deck chairs and sun loungers for a perfect tan, trampoline for little adventurous and a whilpool for adults seeking relaxation and wellness. The blue water and green grass beautifully contrast with the pale stone chosen to line the pool which, thanks to its soft lines, is in total harmony with the beautiful Italian villa style.

Paghera’s way to interpret the outdoor space of this beautiful private villa, creates a space that is the perfect substitute for an exotic vacation spot dedicated to the whole family: the pool creates atmosphere, refreshes the space and gives dynamism to the garden, capturing the sunlight; fun and relaxation are totally insured.

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