The sea becomes swimming pool


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Could a piece of the sea become a private swimming pool? This is the question behind this incredible project signed Paghera and the key concept that inspired and drove us during the design and making of it, in all phases of this landscape design project.

An extraordinary landscape design project, in which the sea and the pool merge into one another, without constraints or barriers: the pool, more than infinity pool, is one that naturally fills up with the movement of the waves and forms the original pool. The design of the infinity pool is Paghera's unmistakable style: in the most incredible way, a slice of the sea is enclosed in the rocks creating a perfect space, from all points of view.

The edges of the large infinity pool are not sand-colored, but are made of sand. On the bottom of the pool live, as in the sea, marine flora and fauna and micro organisms that work to create the natural filtration that, combined with a constant movement of water - created by a recycling system inspired by the flows of marine currents - keep the water of this large natural pool oxygenated and clean.

The rocks recreated on the spot were made following the lines and shapes of the natural stones found here, and in fact one may confuse the existing ones and the new ones. The pool really appears as if it was naturally created by the sea and integrates perfectly into the surrounding landscape. The large beaches border the water, contain it, accompany it letting it flow into large basins, creating inlets, small lagoons and coves of sand lapped by crystalline transparencies: a special place, that appears magical to admire and enjoy for moments of true joy, not in the sea but in a sea pool.

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