The sea becomes swimming pool

پروژه ها

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This is the concept that inspired and drove us during design and realization phases of this Infinity Pool. It is the biggest in the world realized with the only use of natural materials to recreate not only the visual but also tactile sensation to dip the feet into the sand. It is more than a swimming pool, it is a slice of sea enclosed in the rock. In the swimming pool bed, marine flora and fauna together with micro- organisms live  acting as natural filtration. These elements, together with the constant movement of the water – inspired by the sea currents -   keep oxygenated and clean the water of  this big and natural  swimming pool. The rocks, recreated on site and inspired   by the surrounding landscape, border water, contain it, drive it to pour out into wide basins, creating inlets, small bends and  sand coves lapped with crystal transparencies.

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