Nature, by means of lightning, produces ozone from an atom and a diatomic molecule of oxygen. 

In this way, for millions of years, the earth has been protected and purified, with the typical smell of ozone being left in the air after a storm. 

This molecule, as ancient as the world, thanks to its powerful antibacterial and antiviral action has been used in the treatment of serious wounds. 

Today there are devices of various sizes, depending on the requirements, which reproduce the effect of a storm and generate this precious molecule. 

  • Treatment of public and private waters
  • Purification and potabilization of civil and industrial water
  • Disinfecting of swimming pool and whirlpool bath water
  • Environmental protection: prevention of pollution of groundwater and air
  • Deodorization of fumes and exhaust gas
The water coming from the tap, which we drink and with which we cook, prepare ice or clean our teeth and the water we use in the bath, in the shower, in the swimming pool and in the whirlpool bath, in ..
The main benefits of O3: - Antibacterial and antiviral action. - Anti-oxidant action of the ingested water. - Reduction of harmful metals in the water, with subsequent improvement in its quality. - ..
Comparison ozone-chlorine in water. O3 is odourless and flavourless - CHLORINE disagreeable. O3 is crystal-clear - CHLORINE is yellow. O3 enhanced antiviral action - CHLORINE none. O3 broad spectrum ..
ENVIRONMENT Agriculture Ozone and its derivatives are used in the treatment and in the prevention of reproductive and productive pathologies.  Substitute in pesticide fungicide treatments. ..

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