Disinfecting of Swimming Pool and Whirlpool Bath Water - فناوری ازن اکسیژن
Comparison ozone-chlorine in water.

O3 is odourless and flavourless - CHLORINE disagreeable.
O3 is crystal-clear - CHLORINE is yellow.
O3 enhanced antiviral action - CHLORINE none.
O3 broad spectrum antibacterial action - CHLORINE variable.
O3 enhanced destruction of Algae, Protozoa, Mycetes, Spores, Cyst - CHLORINE slight.
O3 enhanced activity on organic molecules - CHLORINE slight.
O3 no product costs as it is created by the installation itself - CHLORINE continuous.

Among the advantages we have to take into account that disinfecting with O3 is generated by the installation itself, therefore the costs are limited to the installation costs, whereas disinfecting with chlorine involves continuous costs for the installation and for the product.

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