Shapes that follow the soft flow of water

پروژه ها

9 از 50 استخر های شنا
The infinity pool, the focal point of the design, follows the soft lines of the surrounding nature, increasing the charm of the wonderful views of the country side atmosphere, in this project of garden and pool design signed by Paghera.

The small yet refined Italian villa is embraced by greenery and nature; its private garden enjoys intimacy thanks to medium height plants that do not ruin the wide view of the beautiful landscape. The materials used for facings in the garden are all local, in harmony with the surrounding environment: natural stone both for swimming and for the internal paths that create delicious walkways in the green garden. Oleander plants brightly colored, white jasmine blooms, shrub roses, succulents and aromathic Italian herbs, offer fragrance to the country air while the gentle and harmonious lines of the swimming pool seem to disappear in the green garden.

A garden and swimming pool project in which the colors, the elements and the atmosphere give the house elegance and distinction, and where, as it always happens, the signature, the passion and view of Paghera are clearly visible in every detail.

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