Vertically above the sea

پروژه ها

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A tough challenge, an impassable environment reached thanks to the use of a special helicopter for the transport of materials. The swimming pool is placed on a rock spur overlooking a beautiful view.

A spur of living rock ovelooking the sea: a swimming pool suspended in between the sea and the skies, and a 3000 metres big garden inhabited by Mediterranean essences. A tought terrain, a complex landscape design project, a challenge won thanks to the use of sophisticated technologies and to our endless imagination. 

A narrow strip of stabilized sand beach, 3 metres wide, surrounds water working as filter through the whirlpool bath cave - completely built on site - the solarium area is covered by a thin layer of water, up to  the border made in armoured glass functioning as a parapet.

The highly natural effect is  created using materials such as  sand, rock and glass, so that colours of the swimming pool  are melted  with innumerable  nuances of the sea.  A beautiful Spa  with a big porthole overlooking the sea, provided with Turkish bath, sauna, massage room, relax room with a sea view balcony made by  enlarging and reinforcing the spur on which the swimming pool is inserted. Starting here, a stair surrounded by green leads to sea and a private beach.

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