A swimming pool that blends with nature

پروژه ها

6 از 50 استخر های شنا
Paghera designs a splendid Mediterranean garden overflowing with colorful plants and flowers, home to the beautiful sea view infinity pool that beautifully blends into the surrounding nature. The project for the landscape design of this villa aims to build a space dedicated to relaxation, vacation and family.

Reacheable through green terraces from the residence, its charm is truly unique: naturally looking as build by nature itself thanks to the local stone used, the pool has an outstanding view over the sea, one can hardly forget.

The pool embraced by green vegetation also features a whirlpool, both built entirely using local materials, in this case natural stone of a warm pinkish color that allows the pool to fit perfectly into the landscape. The stone was machined with a smooth finish and sometimes blasted to offer a natural look, as if it were naturally carved from a single block of stone. In the design of its amaziog looking pools, Paghera follows precise steps that guide the creative, technical and planning process, creating unique works of art, both functional and beautiful. The gorgeous panoramic view of the pool and its naturalness, create together a unique project Paghera’s style.

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