A swimming pool hidden from prying eyes


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Classic lines, Italian character and elegance for the splenidid private pool with an enviable view over the Mediterranean sea, the jewel of this small but lovely villa and central element of the design. The landscape design of the pool and its garden that hides from the neighboring properties was inspired by the beauty of the surrounding environment in this area. In fact, the materials used for the construction of the pool are all local: the beautiful white stone mosaic gives it Mediterranean character to the scene creating continuity with the surrounding landscape; the sun reflecting its light creates a natural setting in the context of the pool and garden, giving them a natural look, as if they always were there.

The whole scene is precluded from prying eyes thanks to the use of tall vegetation that give privacy to the owners and their guests while enjoying the space: the verticalization of the green not only helps build a totally private area beautifully embraced by the green, but also creates a beautiful vertical garden where the space doesn’t allow the creation of a traditional green garden. In this case the size of the terraced sea view of the property didn’t allow the creation of a garden developing horizontally and also a functional pool. Therefore the best solution in this case was the creation of a vertical garden together with the use of medium tall plants as dwarf palms, oleander, viburnum, fragrant eucalyptus, myrtle and bay tree, obtaining a beautiful living space dedicated to family, friends and, given the size of the pool - to fitness.

As in many works signed Paghera, the size of the spaces is not important but the creativity, the care with which each design element is included in the project as if it belonged there, and finally our passion for creating small and large private paradises for our Clients.

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