Spectacular blossoms


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A residence Near Verona has been redesigned according to Paghera's typical landscape design lines and enriched with lush greenery, transforming the garden into a large relaxation area full of green plants whose blending of colors and blooms creates a spectacular effect while the high plants privatize the garden.

Infact, the challenge was to make the large garden area as private as possible, since the residence is surrounded by tall structures having a perfect view on the garden below, belonging to the villa. The green recipe is rich: tall and shrub plants with thick and perennial crowns, a wide variety of flowering plants that grow in height, climbing plants and palm trees. The garden's pathways  lead the visitor in the exploration of the green and peace and are bordered by brightly colored flowering plants: hydrangeas, lilies, vibrus and verbena, scented freesia, tall alliums, roses of different types, color and variety, a rich selection of aromatic plants. In the middle, the curated green lawn that stands harmoniously in front of the view.

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