Harmony between the hills


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A fantastic scenery opens up to the view with this garden design project signed by Paghera. The landscape design project emerges among green hills of medium height that unfold as far as the eye can see. The environmental context is relaxing and fascinating, in front of visitors only vegetation, to which the architects Paghera have donated geometric harmony, designing green, classic, rounded lines characterized by timeless elegance. The large garden is full of harmonious and elements that donate regularity and artistic positioning of plant, vegetation and to the choice of essences that masterfully adapt to the surrounding Mediterranean environment, integrating perfectly in it.

The dominant motif of the large garden design is the green expanse of the lawn that reproduces the shape of a parallelepiped created with the vegetation followed in perspective by another green motif created by following a circular shape in the center of which has been placed a bush with a regular shape spherical. The turf is cured and naturally graceful, all around opens up a nature gradually more and more spontaneous and lush, as if we move away from a regular central core to extend to a ray to a more and more casual and spontaneous vegetation, however rich in natural harmony.

To provide a visual frame to the whole image, centuries-old olive plants have been placed to further enhance the life and sense of natural well-being. This landscape design project is the result of Pgharea's experience in  garden design projects, a triumph of harmony and pleasure for the observer, it is an Eden that satisfies the need for clarity of man, his need to make harmonic and regular what is inhomogeneous and chaotic, his need to pose his own sign around him, creating beauty.
Naturalness of the volumetric dimension, harmony of the environment, scenic beauty; once again the philosophy of the Paghera projects is expressed to exalt what is best in man.

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