A setting worthy of an imposing charm


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Near Bergamo, a classical villa combines the imposing strict structure with the sweetness of the vibrant green and tidy vegetation. The large garden of the residence, developed in the rear, extending with its soft velvet parterre lawn, hugged the sides by patches of woods that create a play of colors and blooms.

Key intervention by the Paghera Group here was the exaltation of the natural vegetation that surrounds the area, resulting in dense cover that ensures privacy and security from the neighboring properties. Plants of noble structure, such as magnolias, rise up proudly behind the special sitting area, embodied by the romantic pool tub that gives its candor to the composition of the grassy lawn.

Clumps of daylilies, roses, hydrangeas and anemones hug eachother along the perimeter of the garden, while the facade of the house, designed in the austere two-color lines, melts a little thanks to the buxus vases that stand out in the front of the imposing villa.

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