A jewel nestled on an island


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In this splendid project, Paghera has been called to emphasize and to dress up with green elements an already unique architectural structure and the enormous park that sorrounds it. The private majestic residence dominates an whole lake isle, a special project for Paghera in a particular and exclusive context. The structure – built in a Reinassance architectural style – is a precius and antique location and its view is truly unique: opening ample perspectives on the lake and the nature in this area.

The landscape design project is complex, a challenge both for the dimensions of the green park sorroundings and for the uniqueness of the location - on an isle. Overlooking the villa an area with round-crowned trees was placed, giving elegance to the view while the area close to the lake was enriched with palms giving the look and feel of a Mediterranean garden. Close to the water, particular plants were used as Lagerstroemia Calyculata – having their roots in the water, while the open areas were beautifully used as a green meadow, giving the possibility to visitors to enjoy the spectacular space and the unique views.

Amongst many other, tall cypresses and fragrance jasmine plants were used, Mediterranean citrus trees, vine colored Bouganvillea – all expressing the beauty and bio diversity of this area in Italy, an Italian garden full of perfumes and colors, enchanting for all 5 senses. It’s truly imprresive that so much beauty can open to the eyes – the horizon i sample and distensive, the green local vegetation is luxurious while the skyes mirrors in the lake’s clean waters.

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