Royal Villa - Qatar


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In the middle of the desert, in the city of Doha, rises an architectural structure of rare beauty, enhanced by the green gardens created by Paghera. The owner, Qatar’s Emir, wanted Paghera for the creation of green spaces, beautifully framing the enormous architectural structures.

The first impressions the visitor has on the project is the magneficence of the Royal Villa sorrounded by a green oasis that seems unreal for its beauty, the magic athmosphere and allure inclosed. Paghera’s green architects have studied, as for every project, a unique design that has as a starting point the natural context, style, themes and design elements inspired by the Islamic culture, mainly concentrated in an open green area that features a fantastic green meadow beautifully decorated by arabesques cuts.

The vegetation was adapted to survive the extremly hot desert climate: fat plants and a large variety of palm trees, giving to the structure both grateness and elegance. For the Royal Villa of Qatar, every single detail was carefully studied for an extremly selective client that Paghera has satisfied. Paghera’s landscape design project for Qatar’s Royal Villa makes the visitor think, like any other else, to Arabina Nights - the fascinating and misterious charm of Oriental tradition, a project in which the Islamic elegance and culture melts to the Mediterranea none, exceeding the expectations with an explosion of reare beauty and natural elements.

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