Quiet summer residence on the Ligurian coast


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Paghera revives a small garden sorrounding a modern villa making it the green place where relaxation is assured; thanks to the intelligent use of olive trees and other tall plants typical of the Ligurian coast, the garden offer cool areas of shade, dand if that was not enough, you can take a dip in the particular pool, a white and blue cut that crosses the side of the garden. The context in which the structure is located is wonderful, unique: the coast of the Ligurian Sea, where the beauty of the landscape offers incredible emotions and almost enough for a true dream garden.

The garden design process has been guided not only by Paghera's experience in landscape architecture but also by taking inspiration from the nature that surrounds the property, carefully choosing local plants to obtain a low maintenance lovely garden, full of luxuriant blooms that offer joy, vitality and energy to the whole sight.

The modern villa has contemporary accents and the lush garden also aims to offer balance to the scene, softening the lines both day and night with the green elements, plants and blooms. Lighting placed strategically in focal points creates a cozy space at sunset that can be enjoyed for dinners and parties or quiet evenings in harmony. The rear of the garden offers yet another relaxation area in which a pergola rich in leaves protects the sunbeds and the pool area and gives the whole privacy area to be enjoyed in maximum tranquility. In addition to the modern swimming pool, the garden of the residence on the Ligurian coast has been enriched with a Jacuzzi surrounded by greenery, creating a real relaxing corner worthy of a 5-star spa. Even the comfortable wicker chairs, deckchairs and beds with light accents in natural fabrics, can fill the relaxation area and allow you to enjoy the sun and shade, but also to organize evenings in the company of family and friends in the summer months.

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