Country privacy in the heart of the city


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Paghera designs the garden of a villa in the heart of a city, a space which had an urgent need for a profound intervention, that could make it alive again and harmoniously shine with vegetation and blooms.

We find ourselves in a seemingly rural reality, a dream like atmosphere, characterised by a charming and suggestive green landscape, an almost country-side space only this time in the very heart of an Italian city. It is priceless really, to be able to enjoy such live, inclusive and lovely garden, capable of emerging you in nature, and still let you have all the comfort and possibilities that the city offers.  

Poetic designs, country and shabby chic angles can be enjoyed in this project; the open air living room whose furniture in wicker makes you relax and enjoy moments of peace, the large pergola made using the roof of the house, all surrounded by green, booms and hedges.

The plants carefully chosen for this property gently surround the house, the romantic pergolas frame every window and entrance of the house while the pastel colors of the shutters and doors again bring to mind shabby chic Provence style design. In this urban landscape design project, even the corners of the garden are idyllic thanks to the presence of marble fountains, a detail that gives reffinement and elegance; the open-air room perfecly coordinates with the green, the shabby chic furnishings are lovely to enjoy a tea in the garden and have a chat with friends in the beautiful days, by the pool.

A dreamy atmosphere throughout the garden that conveys joy, relaxation, carefreeness, a place designed to encourage you to leave behind all worries, work and the city life and enjoy family and friends, sunshine and nature. 

The style that Paghera chose for the pool of this lovely villa has a strong linear style, its surface is a mirror for the sun designed for the hottest days. Made in the pietra serena, a local light natural stone, the pool area features comfortable deckchairs to sunbathe with in front of you only the turquoise expanse of water, to fully enjoy a relaxing dimension immersed in nature.

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