Country landscape


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A project signed by Paghera characterized by two different souls: the country-style of the landscape and a green one, for its garden and its creation. Set in a welcoming and airy landscape, the villa enjoys a stunning view; the sorroundings are all green, naturally luxurious and the structure is immersed in a true green paradise of tranquility and serenity.

The entrance of the villa is characterized to one of the sides of a brick façade that gives a rustic and county-side look and dominates the panorama below, while on the other side is accompanied by green – the main character of the whole scene, a green that sorrounds and gently accompanies the paved paths. In the back side of the villa, the perfectly heeded hedge frame the lovely central pond, while two elegant and scenic gazebos stand out on either side of the building, along with a fountain in an elegant classical style and two beautifully flowered vessels in the middle.

The garden design reflects the style of the residence; even the architectural elements are immersed in the landscape and in communion with it. In a context where nothing is left to the chance and in a floral gleaming in which plants of hibiscus and bougainvillea beautifully stand out, from the grass of the garden cut perfectly to the care of the smallest detail, the glimpses surprise and give a sense of peace, every single time a beautiful view. Paghera depicts a coherent, evocative, placid and relaxing picture of country effect through the creation of an enchanted country-style landscape, with a breathaking view.

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