Overlooking the lake the residence shines with a new light


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We are in Novara, in Northern Italy, where Paghera has entirey redone the green spaces surrounding an important villa overlooking Lake Orta. The lines of the villa are solid, clean and elegant, perfectly embodying the Piedmontese architectural style while the outside atmosphere is open and relaxing, the lake view of the garden is truly unforgettable.

Large areas of the garden have been mainained as lawn, adding evergreen shrubs around the perimeter of the garden defining its borders naturally. Blooms and flowering plants were also included in the project: white and blue hydrangeas that give the perimeter refinement and candor. In some areas, the green plants have been pruned in a linear way to give the garden wide open spaces in contrast with the green areas and full of white blooms throughout spring and summer. In front of the villa, a waterfall gives energy to the elegant dining area, that can enjoy the pleasant and relaxing noise of the of water falling, a refreshing and original element.

In another area of the garden, a gazebo has been set up to protect a plein air living-room and another dining area designed in the middle of the garden, with an incredible view on the whole landscape, which allows you to relax and enjoy the unique panorama. The swimming pool has been designed by Paghera who has chosen for this particular garden the infinity design, letting the water overflow. The panoramic pool is barely visible from a distance and becomes more and more visibile only when approaching it, perfect choice to let the landscape open and visible from the villa. Infact, by definition, the infinity pool has no boundries and perfectly integrates in the environment, letting the view undisturbed. The design lines of the pool are particularly essential, and this is the element of uniqueness of this pool designed by Paghera. Moreover, Paghera decided to place the pool in a non-trivial manner, vertically to the sight of those aproaching the lake. The result? A garden of rare beauty and incomparable refinement, with an unforgetable view on an amazingly beautiful lake in Northern Italy.

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