Under Ibiza sun


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This time a wondreful Paghera project leads us to the Canary Islands, on the most exclusive and fashionable of the Iberian islands: Ibiza. The architectural design of the structure is modern and contemporary, while the space outside is enriched with a very large pool; it is as if the house has been built around it, as often happens when the pool is big and the house so linear and modern.

The pool is covered with teak and fitted with white elegant and confortable chairs, the perfect scenario for sunbathing and relaxation. The green plants used in the green project, that Paghera wanted to highlight, are typical of the area including palms, agaves, cacti, given the hot climate of the place, then also evergreen shrubs and fragrant plants such as rosemary and sage, which arise spontaneous in this type of terrain, not only beautiful to look at but also useful to prepare lunches or dinners with a Mediterranean flavour.

The whole project has a strong aesthetic impact: rocky headlands and succulents, spontaneous flowers and green shrumbs that bring freshness to the scene. It is of notice the contrast between the red soil and the whit eof the villa, the green of succulents and the intense coloss of the beautiful blooms. In this landscape design project, strength and grace beautifully meet and marry, as in many Paghera projects.

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