Mediterranean whiteness


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The garden design can really revive the entire area around a housing structure, making it the focal point of a property, the favorite place to enjoy in company the whole year. In addition to bringing elegance and liveliness, the garden is the element that increases the value of a structure, an investment that keeps on giving still after many, whatever the type of house, large or small, and certainly of every architectural style.

Paghera creates the garden of this lovey villa characterized by classic and elegant lines, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, a view that gives a sense of calm and quiet, truly priceless nowadays. In the scene, the swimming pool in which water and stone merge completely, as if they lived one inside the other, without redundancy and with extreme cleanness of shapes, materials and design. The large infinity pool, the hydro-massage area and the solarium area seem to be carved directly into a single, gigantic block of light stone, all with views of the panorama and enveloped in the amazing fragrance of blooms and aromatic plants, characteristic of the Italian countryside. No rim encloses the basin along the perimeter, creating a pleasant and soft effect of continuity between water and flooring.

Paghera's green recipe is incredibly rich; in the large garden, a riot of colors, shapes and fragrances, living paradise created to be perfectly in balance with the surrounding nature. The use of local plants is the basis for a natural looking garden characterized by low maintenance, a lovely Mediterranean garden: tall cypresses and oaks, mulberry trees, palms, beautiful green ivy, colorful buoganville, tall delphiniums, brightly colored roses, perfumed lavender, pomegranate, aloe, sage and rosemary, veronica and thyme, jasmine, all low maintenance rustic plants that give a completely natural style to the garden, as if it were spontaneous,  enhancing the Mediterranean nature of the landscape design project. The soft grassy lawn makes the view perfect, unifies the garden elements, plants, pool and view.

Thanks to the experience in landscape design and garden design, attention to the smallest details and our irrepressible passion, every green corner can become a beautiful garden with a unique personality, in line with the surrounding nature and own lifestyle, use intended and the style of the housing structure. 

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