From ugly duckling to lake's swan


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An Italian villa with lovely white classical forms, a paradisiac area, a great work of refinement that exceeds the expectations: it only took Paghera six months to complete the dreamy landscape design project.

The villa is on Lake Garda, in a position whose perspective on the surrounding landscape is alone all that it takes to have an enchanting scenery. Here, Paghera achieved a path of green natural lines and patterns that begins with the “reception room” where the two pergolas used for parking introduce the long corridor that guides one to the villa. The thin walkway made with candid Botticino stone is perfectly outlined by the grass strips fronted by great phoenix canariensis, Cycas revoluta and cupressus sempervirens, establishing balance between colors and materials.

Near the house, while looking down along the classic lines of gleaming white stone that captures and pours light into spectacular square where a circular marble fountain dominates the landscape and marble statues all around it that gracefully sorround the area. Continuing the view, the eyes fly over and enjoy the lake sight that, silent and sweet, offers its peace to the whole framework. Slipping on the side of the villa’s garden we are let to the recreational area where the elegant infinity pool becomes the star of the scene: made of Botticino marble and outlined with mosaic, is protected upstream by the evergreen osmanthus e olea fragrance, gracefully opening towards the lake offering the unique breathtaking view. Once dipped into the landscape, the prerogative behing the project is obvious: the constant bloom from spring to autumn that alternate: deuzia nana gracilis, spirea van houtteym, syringa vulgaris, philadelphus, rose arbustive, hydrangea paniculata, macromelia, anemoni japonica, aster, lantana camara, sarcococca ruscifolia…

A surprising light-colored composition that offers the residence an aura of candor and elegance.

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